eHom - NAS & Cloud Storage Device Solutions In India

Redefining privacy and security of your digital data

Now you can access your movies, music, files and photos anytime, anywhere.

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Introducing eHom - A device that values your data as much as you.

Safe your Data

All your important folders, files and even data like music collections and lots more - all packed up and backed up securely in a single location. Never risk losing your data with eHom's safety scheme at the same time control the access and visibility all through out.

Safe your Data

Convenience is the key and with us, you can access all your data easily no matter where you are. You can access all files through your laptop or mobile or browse through the photos of your digital camera on desktop. Own the digital space by categorizing your data as private, public, or choose a perfect balance of both.

Safe your Data
Open Source

Built on OMV and Hybrid Technology; eHom allows users to protect and use data on dual platform. Open Source projects, products, or initiatives embrace principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency and community-oriented development.

The Device that lets you store, secure and share your data.

Smart Sync your Data