eHom - FAQs

Frequently Asked questions about eHom

eHom is A cloud file sharing server. It allows to put Security and Control of your own data into your hands.
In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. Cloud is a model to store your data remotely, which is away from your device and is accessed by the Internet. It is maintained, managed and operated by a cloud storage service provider or a storage server. Utility storage also means cloud storage.
NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. It is a storage device or a group of storage devices (mostly hard disks) connected to a network. This allows the authorized users from a location to retrieve data from the drives and sync files between them. Having a NAS Is like having a private cloud at your workplace. It is less expensive and faster than a public cloud and gives you full control.
No, Not at all. You don't need to do any software or hardware tweaking; our product is designed with the goal of providing a simple yet robust interface that anyone can use. In any case when it comes to support, we have your back..
Here's some rundown features.:
  • Backup
  • Secure data
  • Share files
  • Stream Media
  • Remote Access
  • Print Server
  • Video/Media Encoding and Downloading
  • And a lot more
Yes, eHom is compatible with all mainstream operating systems (Mac OS, Windows, Linux etc.)
  • eHom supports HTTPS and server-side encryption. eHome automatically generates a 4096-bit strong public/private for each user. Nobody can get through to your data if you're not logged into your eHome server as the keys are encrypted by ID and password.
  • eHome is built on OMV and Hybrid technology and allows users to protect data on dual platform. We perform regular security audits of our code.
Our products are customizable and scalable and very easy to upgrade. It’s as simple as just making a call and our engineer will be at your doorstep to perform the upgrades as and when you need.
Yes, it does. Decentralization helps protect your data. It does that by making it harder for an attacker to get access to any of your data. Moreover, you have an option to choose where and with whom you'd wish to host your data.
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Drop us a mail or a call for consultation. We believe in providing end to end solutions as per your needs. We will guide you with everything from start to finish!
Customization is one of the core features of our product. You can drop us a mail or give us a call and we will provide our expertise to help you get the best the solution for your problem.
Yes. We have a team of Support Engineers who are always available to answers any queries or Issues that you may have. We provide On-Site Warranty with the product as mentioned in the contract. We also provide AMC plans for Extended Support.